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In addition to 3 major market applications we categorized – Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive – there are a number of additional applications that are being driven by customer and market demands. Nesscap is aware of the diverse application potential in the solar market, especially in both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The medical market also presents a potential market but is still in the proof of concept stage. Nesscap is in a close collaboration with a various Fortune 500 companies who are evaluating the use of our ultracapacitor products in various undisclosed applications. Military applications have also been on the increase as many of vehicle platforms in use are being converted or replaced with hybrid platforms.

Nesscap continues to work with these development partners to provide cost sensitive products with the best performance on the market as to further increase the rate of adoption of ultracapacitor technology across various applications.

Applications Function Applicable Products
Solar tile/lighting Battery Replacement
Backup Power
Cold Cranking
Energy Storage System
Peak Power Assist
Auxiliary Power Source
All Cells
Others and more