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The majority of the industrial market is characterized by stationary stand–by applications where the power capabilities of ultracapacitors trump those of other solutions. In these applications, the normal design-in and qualification to commercialization period ranges from one to three years. All the cells and modules that Nesscap offers are applicable in this market segment. In one of these stand-by applications, ultracapacitor energy storage systems serve as emergency backup power to the pitch control system of wind turbine generators. The ultracapacitor energy storage system provides more than five times the lifetime of batteries used for this application while ensuring the required power output. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), power for memory backup, UPS, and other short-term bridging power applications fall into this category.

Nesscap has also been intimately involved in the development of industrial hybrid vehicles. Vehicles such as forklifts, shovel trucks, agricultural machinery, and excavators have been selected for hybridization to ease the onslaught of CO2 regulations imposed on these companies. Some projects in this segment have even longer design-in and testing periods, especially applications involving public transportation such as buses, trains, subways and trams.
This sector continues to show strong growth and is foundational for the current and future revenue growth for Nesscap. Representative applications are listed below.

Applications Function Applicable Products
AMR Peak Pulse Power Small Cells, Modules
Robotic Systems Memory Backup Medium & Large Cells
Windmill Pitch Control System Emergency Backup Power
Actuator Emergency Backup Power Small & medium cells
Welding Machine Energy Storage System
Auxiliary Power Source
Large Cells
Hybrid Forklift
Hybrid Excavator
Trains, Trams, Subways