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Nesscap Benefits

Nesscap has a holistic and comprehensive understanding of how to make an ultracapacitor, as evident through its long history in innovation and research. Nesscap's product development is based on that understanding of the interrelationship between all the parts that make up an ultracapacitor cell. Significant resources are allocated to focus on the following critical areas in product development:

  • Complete qualification and verification of raw materials and relevant vendors
  • Identification of all required manufacturing process control parameters
  • Optimization of the operational voltage
  • Optimization of electrode formulation to meet market requirements

Nesscap continues active research and development programs to expand its current product portfolio and provide customized solutions to development partners. Our product offerings include individual cells ranging from 3 Farads to 6,200 Farads as well as higher voltage modules ranging from 16V to 125V. All products are designed to meet best in class high volume manufacturing while maintaining the lowest possible cost. Nesscap's continuing innovation and development has yielded over 20 new products into the market in the last five years.

Nesscap is also able to provide customize solutions. Our engineering staff can size and design ultracapacitor energy storage systems to meet any specific demand. If you are unsure as to which product can meet your product's particular need or if you are looking for a customized solution for your project, please fill out our Product Inquiry form.

Nesscap believes it is essential to protect its intellectual property, particularly its patents. Nesscap continues to strive to file for protection of its inventions in order to maximize the value of all processes and designs that were invented by its R&D department. Nesscap believes its success will depend in part on its ability to protect its existing patents, to acquire additional patent protection in a manner which reinforces the existing patent portfolio and to develop new processes and designs not currently claimed by the patents of third parties. Nesscap seeks to protect its new technologies by applying for patents in jurisdictions in which it hopes to gain a market advantage. Such jurisdictions include countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. Nesscap also has various patents which have been cross-licensed within the ultracapacitor market, ensuring its ability to access such technology should it be necessary.